has not been using my external keyboard for quite sometime... suddenly found that it was not functioning.
tried to change new battery but it was not working and asked IT to check for me but still not working...
went home tried on my own laptop still not working..
tried to change to another new battery...
yes... my external keyboard is alive again...
maybe it's all about the correct combination...
maybe you think what is in order is actually the trigger point that create all the problem.


Was discussing with a friend on his relationship status and it came to our discussion of after impact of his x and it still having some side effects on his current relationship even he was with a new gf now.

Being used to brain washed that a most important thing that you need to take care is your gf's feelings and you need to stay far far away from gals while on the other hand she can be with any guys that she like...

Herm... i see no fareness in this relationship. But... i should say.. good that my friend decided to let go and go separate ways with the x.

The story now is both are having better relationship with their new bf and gf respectively.

It's amazing how our path cross and how we jus slip and missed...

前度syndrome will fade eventually...
It's a matter on how long it will take saje...


Have not been writing my blog lately
reason being?
>nothing to write

just wanted to start my grumble again...
Just can't understand why people can be wasteful when it comes to food.

Just grumble and no true solution
and yes it's still grumble...

Let's us fall in love








靜靜期待水到渠成的那一天 ^_^

Malaysia Custom


It feels good when you see a smiling face when you exit the custom and the best part you remember about Malaysia is a very pretty , cute and cun Custom officer. Chinese gal, which is very rare.
She gives you a bright smile and it really brighten up your day :)


We brought instant camera film for our Taiwan trip and knowing that the film should not be exposed under x-ray and you would tell the Custom officer that this should not be exposed to X ray which was well written outside the box of the film.

But the best part is the officer still insist that you need to open the film >.<
and they never see such film before and they insist you to open the box....

Malaysia Custom big shots can you give your Custom officers some basic education on this and please don't act like people who come from the jungle and don't know what is a instant camera film.

Come back

I guess it's time  for me to come back with  some good post  and to  practice my writing skills as well  as some destressed session ^_^
This is just  the beginning and hope  it continues :D


Something  which  I think  is  very  relevant  nowadays
If  you  are  not  mature  enough  to  handle  things  it is ok  but  please do  not  be as what  was said in the title of this  post.


Knowing  that Malaysian  last  minute  habbit  the  bank  only have  one  staff  on  duty  for the  fixed  deposit  promotion T_T
Waiting  time  now  is more  than  10 minutes

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